Echoes from the Sky_6_Miles_Deeep

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  • Song Name: TomandtheBootBoysMethodistCentrePuppetmastaz
  • Artist: Chips for the Poor
  • Album: Echoes from the Sky 6
  • Year: 2009

Well its 6 months since i wanted to do another edition of this amazo podcast but 8 since I did,,,but dunt furrow yo brow my way, cos 6 months ain't shiggy splits in the grand piano key change scheme of things, and if ya think I beeen lazing out and fattening up for the next snow drift, then I suggest you tek yer sen away from me flat windy before I saw them stilts in half and you end up face to face with Mrs Muggins in flat 5 hahahaha she's a bruiser ****gulp oN.

Thirst uP....'Tom and the Boot Boys' with "Oi! Mates" (Pogo77 Records) who I discovered when floating over in Tokyo last Septembergone (Triangle, Spanner, Rectangle)...

Seconds on that, "Oi Pic" comes from the "If you love your job..." single sessions by 'Methodist Centre' who give it a right good pounding live*Umph Umph*

and I finish you off with Puppetmastaz Sirius Mo remix of 'So Scandelous' available off the "Reservoir Foxin/So Scandalous" 12"...

soooooo whatcha beeen doing in the last 182 days cos I can't membertraz>>>answers on a postcard to 10 D(r)owning Street, London SW1A 2AA....*blimp

p.s 6 miles deeep refers to the length of the borough I dwell at it's longest point>>>FACT*slump