Echoes from the Sky : Re:wind the Cred8 Crunch:E

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  • Song Name: “Echoes from the Sky : Re:wind the Cred8 Crunch:E”
  • Artist: Chips for the Poor
  • Album: “Echoes from the Sky : Re:wind the Cred8 Crunch:E”
  • Year: 2009

We’ve all felt the bite of the credit snake, winding through from the white lair under the citys core…how’s your arm? Swollen? Or still a little tingly? Doctors orders to get your ear holes round me podcast…forget eatin raw beet-root and suppin on a stone cold crapachino, hold onto my wealth for all of 9 minurtes 13 secs>

“Echoes from the Sky : Re:wind the Cred8 Crunch:E” is flyin downed your electric worm pipes as I type…

Me rusty horse screeches to a halt outside the Halifax and I get me fingers strong to jab that sing song in the glasses whilst mimeing along to 'F-olding Money'* by Tommy Blake...* music for the jilted generation…feel the force on that!...

Amigo it’s lornch time, can’t afford a flight out of town? or no guts to roll under the barb wire at your local flyaway?…have some brutal Gore/Grind straight from leading Mexican label Alarmo Rx and this bang bang outing from Hipermenorrea ....

Seems like we all got right deeep, downed and drrrty, switch on the immersion....

As we-wee all frey skintoss, we gotta get music for free! (Cheers Radiohead) and what better ways then me, your wet head host Chips for the Poor gettin rawkus in the shower (Keep your eyes shut and mind on hold) and me cover of Lumidee 'Never Leave You' the original is here>>>> ....

Now we all clean and sparkly, who wup fwor swum bwirthday pwarty vwomit?...don't wizzzy yer sen, it ain't your bash hahaha just sit back and enjoy the aural airBRUSHING from My Name is Rar-Rar...I think they went and fuzed out but you can get more of them from here>>>>

So how's that?
How you feel now?
Disappointed with your lot?
or ready to take to the streets,
and beat a job out of someone?....

just remember, make it some one special, ;)

With all my heart,

Chips for the Poor
Echoes from the Sky (repeat to fade)

p.s Can I have me four ence back?