Gate Vault the Pop Barrier

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  • Song Name: GateVaultThePopBarrierEchoesFromTheSkyPoodcast3
  • Artist: Dob,DoL,BATT,Vulg,SquincyJones
  • Year: 2008

I'm dirty cash, the one that you asked for
I'm wanted by the rich and the poor
More and more, you just can't reject it
You're the junkie and I inject it
Into your blood stream, it's like a bad dream
Money's the theme, do you know what I mean?

money, money, money bah stick it hahaha stick it...

From the Welsh mines to the Slangkop Estates, you all chooned in hard, then moisturise them ear holes for poodcast 3 called ‘Gate Vault the Pop Barrier’ (due to me amazing vocals) featuring Dobermann, Death of London, a 6 headed ghost from my past, Vulgarians and Squincy Jones....turn it oooops side ya head!

**Adult Content**