Dunt be a junkie 4 the man.

  • Play:
  • Song Name: Don't be a junkie (4) the man
  • Artist: Chips for the Poor
  • Album: Echoes from the Sky
  • Year: 17june2008

Now theres things to do in Denver when your drunk and maybe a podcast int whort I should a dunn after a smash ooop on a skkkool night hahahahaha this is for those lost in translation...

"Yo, Yo, Oh yes working now, I got so high on LSD, my mind, blew yourself Yeh, uh uh oh, rent a ghost, what the, this uckin mic smells awful, whats happening?, I dunno, can I kick it?, you wanna do it seven times, Echoes from the sky, ugh, here we go f*ckin motherf*cker 4, urm yeh I saw there was a link going podcast from the sty, snoty snorty, woka woka woka, Jonathan Rogers, yes, over and out...."

This podcast features music from Why Whisky Why?, Shrag, Heavy Load and Nik Void.

They can all be found on my top friends via www.myspace.com/c4tp


Listen and be learned herE....

p.s forgive me Heavy Load for the added sound interfear(beer)ance, me fingys were shakin like Mr Skele-bob....Ghet higH.